2D Digital Height Gauges

Specification :

Digital Height 2D height gauge has a very stable and mechanical production. Precise bearing slide mounted on a ground and lapped steel measuring column certifies high mechanical accuracy for squareness and straightness. Digital Height 600 has high performance display to certify ease in measuring applications such as heights, diameter depths and center line distances, angles, squareness deviations with tolerance limits indication.


Features :

• Reliability and durability, ideal for the use in workshop areas Unique design of the probe  holder ensures extended measuring
• No new calibration required for different probe
• Possibility of mounting two probes simultaneously on the probe holder
• High accuracy metallic scale form jena optic, Germany ensures excellent linear accuracy
• High precision measuring slide with controlled backlash for repetitive measurement
• Built in Air pump for easy displacement of height gauge on measuring plate
• Provision integrated Rechargeable Battery Backup for Long Operation Time

Technical Specification :

Application :

Accessories for 2D Height Gauges (Optional)

2D Height Gauges

2D Height Gauges