Dial Calipers

Specification : The Dial caliper is use for external, internal, step and depth measurements.

Salient Features :
• Hardened and ground steel blocks
• Shockproof Dial, adjustable bezel with locking Full protection against dust,
• Beautiful sealed gear rack design Easy zero setting
• Sub-Zero treated for Dimensional stability
• Each Gauge block is stacked in the rigid housing
• Can be used vertically and horizontally


Dial Calipers

Technical Specification :

Dial Calipers


Specification : Dial Calipers with clear high contrast readable dial

Salient Features :
• Clear, Easy to read graduated dial with Adjustable Bezel
• With 0.02mm Least Count
• Shock Proof movement.
• Checks OD, ID, Step and Depth
• Accuracy as per DIN 862

Available in Three Ranges
• DC 10 - 0 to 150mm
• DC 20 - 0 to 200mm

• DC 30 - 0 to 300mm

• Robust, Hardened and Ground stainless steel jaws and beam
• Supplied in a sleek plastic box
• With calibration certificate giving specified and actual values.

Dial Caliper