Gear Roll Testers

Gear Roll Testers


Gear Roll tester is used for checking Total Composite Error (TCE), Tooth to Tooth Error (TTE) of Helical and Spur Gears.

The component gear is mounted on the arbor at right side and similarly master gear or meting part on left side. Both the gears are meshed and rotated. The deflection due to composite error or tooth to tooth error is indicated on the dial gauge.

Maximum Gear diameter 200 mm can be checked Gear roll tester base is made of graded cast iron FG 220 and is duly stress relieved to give maximum stability. Base is precision hand scrapped for flatness accuracy within 0.005 mm.

Gear roll tester both vertical columns are hardened and ground, aligned and parallel to get accurate results.

Hand Lever is provided for quick release, loading and unloading of component gear. Precision double bearing assembly is provided in arm for smooth and rigid movement.