Master Setting Rings / Discs

Masters form the base standards when it comes to comparative measurement of components on the shop floor. Master Setting Rings and Discs when calibrated become the basic operational standards in general metal working industry.

Salient Features :
• Used for setting any kind of internal or external measuring instruments like horizontal comparators, dial bore gauges etc.
• Made from oil hardening non shrinking gauge steel, hardened and tempered to 60-62 HRC.
• Subzero treated at -80ºC for long-term dimensional stability.
• Actual dimensions duly etched.
• Calibrated at 20ºC under Standards Room Conditions against Nationally/Internationally traceable masters
• Certificate of calibration is provided along with each master traceable to national length standards

   Technical Data Sheet
Master Type Range Blank Design Form and Size
MSR ID 1.5-315mm DIN 2250 Part 1 DIN 2250C
89.1.5-1998 Form
Tolerance Class X
Size Tolerance
Class Y

Master Setting Rings