Performance Gauges and Spares

• Fork executed many projects for multi parameters checking of variety of components.
• Fork developed one of the most advance interface unit which can be used with specifically designed suitable for all kinds of parts.

Parts are typically inspected are :
• Crankshafts
• Camshafts
• Gear shafts
• Rotors
• Axle shafts

The performance gauges are manufactured upon request for dimensional and geometric inspection of parts of different types parts. Inspection possibilities include :

• Outside diameter
• Straightness and Barrel Shape of Main Bearings
• Stroke / Index
• Ovality
• Taper
• Concentricity
• Distances
• Cam Base Circle and Cam Lift
• Perpendicularity of Shoulders
• Angular phase of Bores and key-way Seats

Simple and Universal :-
Developed using easy to replace modular components for dimensional and geometric

User Friendly:-
Easy to integrate into different phases of the manufacturing process.

Functional :-
Designed specifically for the part measured which optimizes space used along production line.

Reliable :-
Sturdy, able to guarantee accuracy and repeatability under shop floor conditions

Application Range :-
• Maximum part mass - 50 Kg
• Measurable outside diameters - from 10 to 160 mm
• Maximum part swing diameter - 200 mm
• Part length - from 100 to 900 mm
• Bench length - from 320 to 1400 mm


Performance Gauges

Performance Gauges

Performance Gauges